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The Clinic

NCWOC Healthcare and Specialty Services is a women-owned and operated health clinic founded to provide the highest quality patient-centric primary and specialty care. We take great care to listen carefully to every patient to understand their health and provide a customized treatment plan which considers patient concerns, full medical history, comorbidities, and our experience with a wide range of treatment modalities. We also recognize the importance of patient education and make a point of providing critical knowledge to empower patients to confidently and actively participate in the management of their health.

Maura Doran-Snyder MSc, MSN, APRN, 


Maura has worked in the nursing field for 35 years, spending time in cardiology, intensive care, and emergency medicine. Over 20 years of Maura’s career have been dedicated to practicing wound care, during which time she has developed extensive expertise in management of acute trauma wounds and surgical wounds, including ostomies. Maura enjoys being able to allow her patients to feel at ease and she quickly develops good rapport with everyone she treats.

Melissa Moore BSN, RN

Melissa has worked as a nurse for over 13 years, gaining diverse experience in emergency medicine, intensive care, acute care, wound care, and oncology. Among other specialties, Melissa is an expert at IV therapy administration, and she enjoys staying on top of new technology and treatment options to provide her patients with the best personalized care possible.

About Us: Meet the Team
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